John recently started a new job. 

In his first week on the job, some of his new peers take him aside to warn him about one particular person that he will work closely with.  They go on to share that anyone who has ever been hired in a position similar to his, has consistently been driven out of the organization by this person.

A few days later someone in the community advises John that he should not trust ANYONE in the organization that he is now employed by.  

Before the end of John’s second week on the job, the person he was originally “warned” about opens a conversation with these words, “Just between you and me, what do you think of ________?

Additionally in spite of his short tenure, John has become aware that staff at all levels of this organization believe that the executives have a history of "shooting the messenger" instead of investigating opportunities to improve. 

So tell me: 

·        What is this culture SCREAMING to new hires? 

·        Have you ever worked in a culture like this? 

·        If you were John what would you do? 

·        If you were an executive in this organization, how would you diagnose, treat and prevent this cancer from spreading to more of your organization?  


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